Greetings! :) I'm Ekaterina Levchenko, and I'm an artist, which I'm very proud of. =)

A bit of myself. I graduated a nice school of arts in my hometown, which is Astrakhan (in Russia), and I've drawn pictures all my life. To be truthful, I've never expected that an artist could be my main profession, but now there are a lot of my pictures amongst my friends and acquaintances. It has always been delightful to me to give a unique present like a picture to a friend. And just imagine how pleased I've always been to find my pictures on the walls in the friends' houses.

I graduated a technical university and worked as a developer of 3d-graphics for a while. But then I realised how I'd missed a traditional art with just a piece of paper and a pencil. So, right now I'm a full-time artist and I'm really glad about this change in my life, it gives me much more satisfaction and joy.

Services. Here, you can view and, I hope, enjoy some of my gallery. Also, you can buy a picture to yourself or someone else as a gift (believe me, always it's a great joy to give such a present :). You can buy an existing picture or you can order a new picture, whichever you like. The priсe of my average work (like “The mouse”) is about 200$ + shipping and handling. The priсe depends on the time spent in work.

Please, write to me anytime if you have any questions. Good luck to you. :)